AI everywhere, skills for jobs that don’t yet exist and other must-read stories for the weekend

Artificial intelligence will soon be everywhere. We need to get ready now.

Innovation in Europe may be faltering. A new map shows divisions and trends.

Europe's most and least innovative areas

Europe’s most and least innovative areas

Image: European Commission

Women’s sport is a smart investment. Payback comes on and off the field.

Cooperation on trade and investment could reignite growth. Leaders need to take these three steps at the G20 summit.

Are you living authentically? If so, you probably have these 10 habits.

Smart cities can beat the coming water crisis. Denmark shows the way.

How to prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet: with flexibility and uniquely human skills.

The “girl effect” applies to companies too. CEOs need to invest in women leaders.

Want to love your job? Cultivate these seven skills.

Turning emerging economies into global pools of talent. Public private partnerships are showing the way.

Future-proof your company. Make it a place of continuous learning.

Ten open questions for techno-optimists. Answering them might quieten the productivity pessimists.

An interstellar genesis project will soon be feasible. Should we spread life to other planets?

How our “work ethic” evolved. It’s about obedience, not nature.

No more jobs flipping burgers. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming tofast food.

Google’s plan for quantum computer supremacy. The tech giant has been quietly working on a device that could usher in a digital revolution.

Six Balkan states are tying their fate to the EU. But the Global Competiveness Index shows they lag behind their neighbours. (Financial Times)

The US is worse than Mozambique on pay equity for women. Cites Global Gender Gap Report. (Chicago Tribune)

Improved stability and security are helping Ethiopia attract investment. Draws on data from the Global Competitiveness Index. (

Weak cybersecurity laws may hold back the Fourth Industrial Revolution in China. (South China Morning Post)

Gender parity in government leads to a more equal society. The Global Gender Gap Report provides data. (Newsweek)

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