Imitating AI, a big year for blockchain and other top stories of the week

Is AI imitating us or are we imitating AI? Schools aren’t teaching what makes us human.

Ready for doughnut economics? Big ideas that could solve inequality.

How companies can act on climate change. It starts with disclosure.

Three straight years of record heat. 9 key facts about global warming.

A big year for blockchain. Five infographics explain the latest developments.

1 billion young Africans by 2050. They’ll need a better educational system.

The North Korea showdown’s history. Are we at a new tipping point?

Will farm robots fill the UK’s post-Brexit labour shortage? Meet Thorvald, who doesn’t need coffee breaks or a visa.

China aims for world robot domination. It has scale, momentum and money.

The fading American dream. Economic mobility has nearly halved.

Urbanization drives economic growth. Urban agglomeration correlates with rising productivity.

The foundation of the postwar global boom? The operation and demise of the Bretton Woods system.

Russia seeks answers for poor investment numbers. Cites Global Competitiveness Report. (Bloomberg)

Global CEOs urge greater disclosure of climate risks. Coverage of a Forum initiative. (Modern Diplomacy)

New infrastructure initiatives for Africa. Siemens plans an announcement at the upcoming World Economic Forum on Africa. (Business Report)

ASEAN at a crossroads. Cites Global Risks Report. (Philippine Star)

Implementing science and systems innovation in global health. A programme launched in Davos is a model. (Devex)

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