The most innovative countries, can blockchain save fish and other top stories of the week 

It’s good to talk. Dialogue is more powerful than people say.

Postcards from Saturn. The Davos stories you might have missed.

Blockchain is saving fish. Radical transparency’s green power.

Protecting adults from fake news & children from online threats: DQ.

Only 2% of plastic is recycled. Steps for companies to change that.

Want a leader, not just a manager? What to look for—and cultivate.

CEOs talking morality. Is it a moment or a movement?

Is the universe a conscious mind? The bizarre philosophical world ofagentive cosmopsychism.

Free trade and prosperity. China’s rise challenges economic orthodoxy.

Move over, deep learning. The next big thing in AI is on fire.

Dying with dignity? The rapid decline of print media in China.

Brexit was just the beginning. The coming British culture war.

WEF warns focus on GDP as economic performance indicator is fuelling inequality and short-termism. (InvestmentWeek)

Blockchain to track cobalt from mines to your mobile. Quotes Forum head of blockchain policy. (Reuters)

New funds to fight malaria. Bill Gates announces initiative at Davos. (CNBC)

Uber’s pay formula benefits men. Cites data from Gender Gap Report. (Bloomberg)

The biggest tech takeaways from Davos 2018. (Singularity Hub)

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