Video: What is the future of energy storage?

“There is one big problem with renewable energy. We cannot obtain the power sources when we need them.”

In this World Economic Forum IdeasLab video, recorded during the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2014, Kenji Tanaka of the University of Tokyo, discusses the new technologies aiding the energy storage.

To watch the full video click on the player above.

The Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2015 takes place in Dalian, People’s Republic of China, from 9th-11th September 2015.

Author: Kenji Tanaka is a project associate professor at the Department of Systems Innovations at Graduate School of Engineering in the University of Tokyo.

Image: A prototype sun tracking solar panel made by Concentrix Solar collects energy from its location at the University of California San Diego February 10, 2011. REUTERS/Mike Blake 

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