Which are the best tech companies to start your career?

Working for tech giants like Facebook and Google can be great experiences, especially if you’re looking to launch your career and make decent money. But you’d be remiss to pass over some smaller tech companies that have a whole lot of potential.

Companies like Warby Parker and Slack already have cult followings and billion-dollar valuations that will likely help them do evn bigger and better things in the future. That momentum could be just what you need for career success, too.

To help you find some of the most promising tech companies, online investment firm Wealthfront released its 2016 Career-launching Companies List, which includes 136 mid-sized tech companies with revenues between $20 million and $300 million that are on track to grow more than 50% over the next four years.

Below are some of the great companies to consider applying to, listed in alphabetical order. For the full list, head over to Wealthfront.

151026-best tech companies to work for BI chart

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Author: Dylan Roach is currently a Graphic Designer for Business Insider. Rachel Gillett is a careers reporter at Business Insider.

Image: Visitors stand in front of QR-codes information panels during a ceremony. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov.

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